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Hologic created the leading full field digital mammography system, the Selenia Dimensions, now the market leader in South Africa, which was the first in the world to feature tomosynthesis. To complement Hologic’s mammography imaging, Hologic have created advanced biopsy systems: the Affirm stereo biopsy accessory, the stand alone MultiCare prone biopsy table and the ATEC vacuum assisted biopsy systems for x-ray, MRI or ultrasound guidance.  Also available is the innovative intra-operative Trident Specimen Radiography system, allowing fast and easy diagnosis of biopsy samples while the patient remains in the OR to make sure the lesion is completely removed.

For remote viewing and reporting, we recommend the Hologic SecurView.

We also offer Hologic’s DXA systems which generate the crisp, clear high-resolution images and critical diagnostic information needed to accurately assess bone density, fracture risk, body composition and calcified plaque in the abdominal aorta.

Also available is the ever popular Fluoroscan X-ray mini C arm, now with a digital flat detector, routinely used by hand and foot surgeons throughout the world.


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